lexmark 1200 Series Drivers

Lexmark 1200 Driver: The Lexmark 1200 series All-In-One printer, fax, scanner, and copier was one of the most popular and recommended product at the time of its launch. It is still used by many of us for their home jobs.

Lexmark 1200 drivers given below are compatible with following 1200 Series printers –
Lexmark X1240, X1250, X1270, X1280, X1290

Download free 1200 Lexmark driver for following operating systems

Lexmark 1200 Driver Windows 7 32 bit
File Name: cjb1200Win7en.exe
Released: 11/03/2010

Lexmark 1200 Driver Windows 7 64 bit
File Name: cjq1200Win7en.exe
Released: 11/12/2012
File Size: 54.39 MB

Lexmark 1200 Driver Windows Vista 32 bit
File Name: cjr1200en.exe
Released: 11/03/2010

Lexmark 1200 Driver Windows Vista 64 bit
File Name: cjs1200en.exe
Released: 11/02/2010

Lexmark 1200 Driver Windows XP 32 bit, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003 32 bit
File Name: cjb1200en.exe
Released: 11/03/2010

Download Drivers

Lexmark 1200 Driver Windows 8: Have you installed Lexmark x1200 series printer on Windows 8? Please share experience, tips and hacks for Lexmark X1200 Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows RT Driver and compatibility with our readers.

27 thoughts on “lexmark 1200 Series Drivers

  1. HELP! I have a Lexmark X1270 with Windows 10, 34 bit Operating System, please, please tell me there’s a driver out there I can download to get it up and running? Many sites say there isn’t any available yet, others say there won’t be any, ever. Suggesting renew printer. Some recommend downloading drivers for Windows 8 as they say it’s compatible. Can you clear this up for me? Am I searching online for drivers in vain or is there possibly drivers out there somewhere?

    Maybe confused.com should add a category for this!

  2. I need driver for Lexmark X1270 on windows 10 64732 bits -I have supplies for my printer and now I can not use them.

    1. Windows 10 It doesn’t seem to work if you just download the driver – do the whole installation again from disc or Lexmark site from the beginning as if it was a new printer – it has worked fine for Windows 10.

  3. In the US, have windows 8, Lexmark X1240.
    Lexmark site says they are not updating drivers.

    Do the other posts mean I need to select another language to find the necessary driver? Or can anyone help explain?

  4. For windows 8 support use localized version of the windows 7 driver :
    cjq1200Win7en.exe doesn’t works for some reason.
    Go to lexmark website, select another language than english, and go to support to download the good driver.

    1. Thanks for the help finding out what Lexmark 1200 series drivers would work with the new MS 8.1 system.
      My new laptop came with MS-8, I download 8.1 and found the printer drivers wouldn’t work – until I saw your comment – VERY helpful!!!!
      Fred D.

    1. Same thing on X1270, I can install scan driver but print does not finish install, I have “cannot find specified file” error when driver is installing.
      How to solve this ?

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