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Lexmark X1190 driver: Lexmark X1190 is All-in-one printer from Lexmark 1100 series. The Lexmark X1190 All In One Printer, Scanner, Copier, and Fax lets you scan, print, and copy documents with rather ease.

Download free Lexmark x1190 driver for following operating systems –
Windows XP 32 bit
Windows XP 64 bit
Windows Vista 32 bit
Windows Vista 64 bit
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Lexmark x1190 driver Windows 7: Windows Vista driver for Lexmark 1100 series is compatible with Windows 7.

Lexmark x1190 driver Windows 8: Have you installed Lexmark X1190 printer on Windows 8? Please share experience, tips and hacks for Lexmark X1190 Windows 8 Driver, Lexmark X1190 Windows 8.1 Driver, and Lexmark X1190 Windows RT Driver and compatibility with our readers.

Lexmark x1190 Printer

Lexmark X1190 – Buy with caution!

Very well known to thousands of people, X1190 is all-in-one functionality, simplistically designed good looking equipment which has been a popular choice in the market. Though the product is highly discussed in the market, it suffers from basic design faults and you won’t be surprised if you find yourself in pile of papers that are scrunched, wrongly printed, and messed up. With just one paper feeder on the right hand side, it won’t be of any surprise that it comes with extensively less price tag.

One thing to be noted is that unless you put enough amount of quality paper in the paper feeder it will not process the printing without causing crippling of the paper once or twice in the procedure. Usually X1190 takes 5 minutes of careful paper collecting from the stomach of the machine to the printed output, but if you add a second feeder on the other side would easily solve such irritation.

Being the all in one printer, it provides comparative results for both scanning and printing, especially the images taken from the scanner is surprisingly sharp and articulate, whereas everyday use printing is often satisfactory for users. With right type of quality settings and paper quality, photos can be put on very perfect manner to recreate your memories and hoard them for a long time.

Installing the printer on your system, which has certainly received some nifty touches making the print utility a very well laid out systematic approach. You will get quick settings to setup your printers with considerably less inputs. You may find some great skins for your print monitor, which provide you talking utility telling your what’s happening with the printing process such as “Paper Jammed”, “Printing Completed” etc. the software installation will provide you machine’s 4 function buttons for the use, which makes the process very handy for users.

Scanning is a very handy with this printer, press a copy button and its will scan and load the image on the host computer with whatever is in the scanner. Press the color button on the printer and the scanner will reproduce the image of whatever placed in the scanner in the color mode, whereas if you press black button, the same will reproduce image in black and white mode. Though printer rushes you through jammed paper issues, it solves the same problem by attaching a paper-feed button pushing out any jammed sheets in the printer.

For a change the printer comes with the USB cable for the connectivity with the computer, which gives you a little convenience to connect it to the personal computer. Day to day activities on this printer will be a painless job, but if you go a bit out of your standard deviation it may haunt you like pain in the back.

Is it worth it?
If you are looking for a cheap solution for your everyday need then this is what you should buy, but if you running for something else then you may get to the list of other option. If I have to recommend this to a friend, I would probably not dare to do so as there are plenty other options with significantly designed in better form. I say study before you buy it.

6 thoughts on “Lexmark X1190 Driver

  1. I need Lexmark X1190 download, compatible with Windows 10. Ihave been trying to download unsuccessfully for a number of weeks. Please help. My printer cannot be used becuase of the incompatiblity issues.

  2. Hi guy I recently downloaded lexmark X1190 from your website, but after installing them on windows 8.1 my laptop just goes quiet, when I search for them I just find lexmark solution centre. Please help

  3. I have a Windows 8.1 computer and I just got a Lexmark X1190.
    With Lexmark 1100 driver pack for Windows Vista 64bits (I haven’t tested for 32bits) everything is working well on my computer.
    I have donwloaded the driver from the lexmark official website:

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience. All drivers listed on our website is from Lexmark only. we do not recommend third party drivers.

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