Lexmark X1270 Driver

Lexmark x1270 Driver: Lexmark X1270 All-in-one Printer Driver and software for Windows operating system.

lexmark x1270 PrinterLexmark X1270 is an All-in-one color Printer. This low cost printer prints reasonably high quality graphics and photos. As it is All-in-one printer it Scans, copies, prints, and scans to PC fax modem and e-mail. Problems most of user facing with this printer are its poor text quality and slow speed.

Download latest printer driver for Lexmark x1270

Lexmark x1270 Driver Windows 7 32 bit
File Name: cjb1200Win7en.exe
Released: 11/03/2010

Lexmark x1270 Driver Windows 7 64 bit
File Name: cjq1200Win7en.exe
Released: 11/12/2012
File Size: 54.39 MB

Lexmark x1270 Driver Windows Vista 32 bit
File Name: cjr1200en.exe
Released: 11/03/2010

Lexmark x1270 Driver Windows Vista 64 bit
File Name: cjs1200en.exe
Released: 11/02/2010

Lexmark x1270 Driver Windows XP 32 bit, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003 32 bit
File Name: cjb1200en.exe
Released: 11/03/2010

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Lexmark x1270 Driver Windows 8: Have you installed Lexmark x1270 printer on Windows 8? Please share experience, tips and hacks for Lexmark X1270 Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows RT Driver and compatibility with our readers.

Lexmark x1270 Printer

Lexmark X1270 - All-in-one Cheaper alternative.
Being a low priced printer is the most compelling feature of the Lexmark X1270, which provides all-in-one extensive features. Specifically designed for the home use, with many obvious features fashioned for the home users with additional features like fax software without built in fax modem apart from traditional printing, scanning and copying. This printer also offer the feature where you can directly scan documents to email with image adding facility to your messages on the computer as attachments.

With a straightforward setup, X1270 provides simple plug and play setup wizard. Simply just plug the power cord, link it to the computer with USB cable, install the black and color cartridges and you are ready to use your printer with few seconds of setup application. Though it adds a bit of a chore to the process with manual alignment of the cartridges instead of automated cartridge alignment, it works fine as it reduces the cost at substantive level.

Apart from the price and all in one solution for printing, Lexmark X1270 provides the speed that can compete with many strong contenders of the current printing scenario in the same price range. When we printed some of our 4×6 photos, it took average time of 10–11 minutes to print without any disturbance. The timing is bit slower compared to the top range printers, but with the price range that it comes with, the sloppiness is what we can easily adjust.

When compared on the quality of the printing, it seemed a bit un-pretty but certainly with the perfection of reading. Being the home based system, X1270 is perfectly suits our needs of unofficial documents, and if you are going above that then you may need to find something better than this printer. Unless and until you don’t need anything to be printed for professional purpose, you are more than fine with X1270.

It declines its value on quality, but the sole saving grace of this printer is its graphics and photo quality, which is far better for the price that you are paying. Though a thin banding can be seen if the graphics is printed in default mode, it can be a great catch if you select printing mode carefully as per your requirements for the printing. On an average, the quality of X1270 is sufficient for home printing tasks.

Though it is very hard to pass by its exceptional low price affordability, but it wouldn’t be your long term solution for all your printing needs. X1270 will limit your printing needs, if not you may have to find another printer in case of important documents that are personal or professional. As photos printed through the X1270 may put you at risk for smudges from damp hands, which will never fulfill your need to archive your precious memories for long time. Though you can hand out snapshots, documents or pick temporary prints for regular and temporary usage.

If you wanna give your child a separate printer, then this is the best that you will ever get, fulfilling your child’s requirements, and keeping it away from costing you much of amount. Grade schools projects can be easily passed with the help of X1270, with cheaper price and better quality.

If you are willing to get X1270 then enjoy the convenience of all in one features of printing, scanning and copying with additional fax receiving facility using your PC.

21 thoughts on “Lexmark X1270 Driver

    1. Atualizei o meu computador para o Windows 10. Preciso do driver para a multifuncional Lexmark X1270 para o Windows 10. Um grande abraço.

  1. Necesito un controlador para instalar mi impresora Lexmark X1270 en una computadora que tiene Window 8.1

  2. Treiber für Lexmark X1270

    ich finde keinen vernünftigen treiber für mein drucker lexmark x1270 ..

    Könnt ihr mir vllt sagen wo ich den finde ? oder mir einen link geben ?

  3. I have got a new iMac and am new to Mac. when tried to connect my lexmark x1270 printer to new mac but not worked. From where I can download lexmark x1270 mac driver?

  4. To all the users who try to operate the Lexmark x1270 under Windows 8, 64bit:

    The driver for Windows 7, 64 bit, downloaded from the German Lexmark download center (the file cjq1200Win7de.exe , size 62.66 MB) works perfectly and without the slightest problem under Windows 8, 64bit. You can just install it as if it was made for Windows 8, 64bit. However, the english version (file cjq1200Win7en.exe, size 55,7 MB) does not work under Windows 8 at all. It only installs the scanner, and still Windows 8 only recognises it after modifying the settings in the device manager. Then you can use the scanner but not the printer function of the all-in-one center.

  5. I have uninstalled the printer and when I tried to reinstall it. Printer can not found error message appeared. I need lexmark x1270 driver windows 7 64 bit to fix it. Please help me out.

  6. I´ve installed the Lexmark X1270 printer on windows 8.1 preview and is working well. The trick is to set the setup.exe file with support for windows 7. Then run the installer without connecting the USB cable, it will be requested at the right time and wait until the installation is complete. The only difference I noticed was that the printer does not power off when I turn off the computer. I hope that this process will serve you as me.

  7. I have searched the Lexmark website and it appears that there is no compatible Lexmark x1270 driver for windows 8. I would like to connect my x1270 printer on windows 8. guys please help me.

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