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Print, copy, or scan photos and documents with the Lexmark X2350 printer, which is a compact and space-saving device. This Lexmark all-in-one printer produces crisp, vivid, and clear prints with up to 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution in black, and up to 4800 x 1200 dpi in color.

Lexmark x2350 Printer Driver and software for Windows OS.
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Lexmark x2350 Windows 8 Driver: Have you installed Lexmark x2350 printer on Windows 8? Please share experience, tips and hacks for Lexmark x2350 Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows RT Driver and compatibility with our readers.

Lexmark X2350 Printer

With a desire to create lowest price printer, Lexmark has achieved its goal by introducing Lexmark X2350 in the market which is a perfect all-in-one device available. Simplistically designed Lexmark X2350 seems like a designer’s work who wanted to keep it simple and clear for users with white rectangular blocks and curved edges. The printer presents even simple scanner cover with hinged lid for the scanning and if you want changes the cartridge the whole top section of the machine can be lifted.

Printer comes with control panel set up at the right front side with three buttons — Power button, scan button and copy button which means you can copy your documents without even connecting the machine to the computer. This certainly is one of the few three color printer which uses only one cartridge, which makes it much cheaper than other twin cartridge devices available in the market.

The one thing that makes the printer great is its speed for printing and associated cost to it. Lexmark X2350 certainly lack the speed to make it great among the many competitors with its speed lying in the range of slow to very slow. When tested on the bunch of black and white documents, it gave the speed of 2 paper per minute speed whereas it touched the speed of 1.7 papers per minute for the colored printing.

Is it worth it?

Ease of installation
Set up of Lexmark X2350 is as easy as the cakewalk. You can just plug in the power lead and attach the USB cable to the computer and start the installation software from the provided software. The CD comes with printer drivers as well as with complete OCR software and photo editor software. The installation suite also provides support for the 600×1200 Dpi scanning. The printer cannot be connected to the network without the help of computer as it doesn’t comes with the network connectivity option.

Quality of printing
When used for black and white documents printer gives you the printing with a brownish grey ink which reflect the printing of a very cheap printer. The only reason for Lexmark to get away with such bad printing is due to tis color printing quality. Being the three color printer, Lexmark X2350 is the only printer which prints respectable photo prints which will let you ignore its unicolor printing capability. While buying Lexmark X2350, you might have to compromise your unicolor printing quality but you might get one of the best quality photo printing machines at your hand.

The Lexmark Z2350 is no doubt the least expensive all-in-one machine available in the market. And for the price that it comes in, it works very much fine though hits it is very slow in the printing. The only thing holding back the Lexmark X2350 is the quality of printing for black and white documents as it gives very fine quality color printing. I advise you to look for some of the printing sample s of the Lexmark X2350 before you decide to buy the printer; it might change your mind.

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  1. I am trying to my best to install Lexmark X2350 printer Driver. But, I can’t succeed. It’s showing, “your system is not match with the driver installation requirements”. Though, my Lexmark X2350 printer is new and all configurations are ok. How can I fix this problem? Need helpful suggestion.

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