Lexmark x5150 Driver

Complete drivers and software for setting up, configuring, and using Lexmark x5150 printer.

Free drivers for Lexmark x5150

Lexmark X5150 Driver Windows Vista 32-bit
File Name: cjrX5100EN.exe
Released: 08/21/2009

Lexmark X5150 Driver Windows Vista 64-bit
File Name: cjsX5100EN.exe
Released: 08/21/2009

Lexmark X5150 Driver for Windows Windows XP 32-bit Server 2003 32-bit
File Name: CJXP5150LE.exe
Released: 08/21/2009

Lexmark x5150 Driver Windows 7: Windows Vista driver for Lexmark x5100 series printers are compatible with Windows 7.

Download Lexmark x5150 Driver

Lexmark x5150 Driver Windows 8: Have you installed Lexmark x5150 printer on Windows 8? Please share experience, tips and hacks for Lexmark x5150 Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows RT Driver and compatibility with our readers.

Lexmark X5150 Printer

Almost all-in-one printer which highly resembles a desktop copier that serves as a printer, scanner and copier. The only deficiency in the printer is that it cannot provide complete alternative of a fax machine, but it can help you satisfy your limited fax needs by offering all fax features of general needs.

X5150 offers very good text performance with a default mode of 5.7 pages per minute when printing 50 page Microsoft Word documents. On the other hand, photo printing on this machine is comparatively a slow process. When tested on the task of actual photo printing, the printer provided 4 minutes 9 seconds to 5 minutes 8 seconds time frame per picture for plain paper whereas on glossy paper it increased to 8 minutes 13 seconds to 8 minutes 57 seconds.

Though the speed of photo printing is completely a sluggish affect, but the good news is that the printed photos are worth waiting for, they are perfect in color, texture and quality without reflecting any major flaws. Default mode text printing is slight grayish but it can easily be read even when on size as small as 5 points. Graphics colors are fully saturated in the default mode, thereby providing sophisticated printing quality. Certainly printer provides high quality copies of scanned photos which depict an excellent job from the X5150.

As a scanner X5150 does well enough to score above average marks. When tested on sample photos, the printer provided 37 seconds timeframe to scan 300 dpi photos in 24 bit color depth. On the other hand, for the greyscale prints it took around 19 seconds to scan a document. Lexmark comoes with ots own photo editor and AbbyyFineReader Sprint 5.0 OCR software which also comes with an addition to a Twain driver for the scanning purposes. The printed lacks in automatic document feeder which limits productivity of the machine, especially when scanning more than one page at a time.

Though X5150 has all the features needed for the use, but the lack of in built fax modem certainly limits your options. For people with limited needs of fax, X5150 is a good fit for the use in small office.

Is it worth It?

The setup of this machine is not as easy as it seems to be, though drawing and quick start guide can serve well for the installation process. Sometimes the same drawing and guide can confuse you, as setting up of the machine involves much more than just inserting a CD and hitting Run.

Almost All-in-one
X5150 can scan, copy, scan to email or scan to a file but cannot use all the features of fax which makes it almost all in one printer. You can scan your documents, pictures or pages either via front panel buttons on the printer or through Lexmark’s All-In-One Center utility, which also helps you fax the documents via your computer’s modem. Despite you choice of utility to use the printer, you will get straightforward set of choices which are easy to understand and further implementing them in your use.

Printer surprisingly comes with advanced options, such as halftone settings that are available through a drop down menu. You can easily work on these options without any complexities from the front panel all because of the additional LCD based menu provided on the printer.

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