Lexmark X7170 Driver

Lexmark X7170 is Lexmark 7100 series printer for home and small office use.

Lexmark x7170 Printer Driver and software for Windows OS.
Windows XP 32 bit Driver
Windows Vista 32 bit Driver
Windows Vista 64 bit Driver
Windows 2000 Driver
Windows Server 2003 32 bit Driver
Setup Sheet (Lexmark X7170)
User’s Guide for Windows (Lexmark X7170)
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Have you installed Lexmark x7170 series printer on Windows 8? Please share experience, tips and hacks for Lexmark x7170 Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows RT Driver and compatibility with our readers.

Lexmark X7170 – Sustainable Piece with All the Features!

If all you need is all-in-one functionality, despite no network connections and compromised output quality then Lexmark X7170 may be the perfect printer that you were waiting for. With 19.2 by 20.4 inch footprint, you may have to accommodate it nearby to your workstation, instead of putting it on top of the desk table.

On the contrary, performance of Lexmark X7170 is rather than most of the ink jet printers. It certainly secures its place in the competition with its speedy response and printing of the papers, though the quality is a bit compromised. This is the fastest ink Jet printer in the range of this price and features. Paper quality is compromised but photo quality is comparatively sustainable in the given environment and in addition it recorded speedy printing of the photos and graphic content.

We judged the printer on the output quality of the printing in both textual and photo printing. Text and graphics printing approached the line of fair becoming almost fare in the printing, whereas photos were found to be very good in the quality. For the textual content, almost all of the fonts were easily readable at the point of 4, however graphic content suffered a bit in the quality with few flaws like dithering.

Printed images and photos shows very less flaws, but if you need a highest quality photos then this shouldn’t be your choice of printer. It can also prints high quality photos but you will have to spend much time to let them get printed and you might be stuck around printer for just more than a coffee. First time, it comes with one black and one tri-color cartridge but you can substitute the same cartridge with six color cartridge for better photo printing.

If compared with other printers, we observed you certainly have to compromise well enough while buying this piece of machine. Printer certainly partakes all the features that once might require to run a small office or a start-up. The range of features offered by the Lexmark X7170 include scanning, copying and faxing where copying and faxing processes can be performed without using or connecting the computer to the printer.

Set up of the printer is very standard process; you can use standard USB 1.1 connections along with two ink cartridges. As it doesn’t have network connection, you cannot put it directly on the network without the help of computer.

Is it worth it?

Reasonable performance for many of the business application when printing a 50 page PDF set of the documents. Lexmark X7170 provides standalone faxing and color copying system which certainly the plus point of the printer. In addition to all its features, Lexmark X7170 comes with any program fax facility which is supported with good photo quality. Only drawback in the printer is its quality where you may have to compromise a lot compared to other printers.

Lexmark X7170 offers all the features that one might need in the home office or small office that can sustain large amount of pages with comparative speed though it lacks a good quality for printing and scanning.

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